A 13th Century Gown | Or A New Century

Hello my dears! Yet again, we have all faced a week of more craziness. It has become difficult to face circumstances that feel like they morph and change every 24 hours, and I go to bed each night wondering what the world will look like tomorrow. Two things that have brought me comfort, though, in… Continue reading A 13th Century Gown | Or A New Century


Pattern Hack | Linden Lady Skirt

  Hello my dears! I apologize for my absence on the web lately. The past two weeks have taken me aback, so I haven't had the time to get this post together for you lovelies until now. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to show you a SUPER easy pattern hack for the Linden… Continue reading Pattern Hack | Linden Lady Skirt


My Vintage Holy Grail | 1930s Ski-Pants

Well, my dears, this is it: My Vintage Holy Grail. I haven't been so excited about finding a vintage clothing item since, well, since a long, long time. I present to you, my 1930s Ski Pants. Gabe and I were antiquing together before Christmas, and I wasn't really looking for anything to buy, but something… Continue reading My Vintage Holy Grail | 1930s Ski-Pants