On Real Life, and What Happens when Pandemic Strikes

Hello my dears! Today I am here to share some news, and give you an unusual peek into our lives lately. You all probably remember this post, in which I excitedly announced what I thought/hoped/planned would be the next phase for this little blog/brand of mine: Made-to-order clothing. Well, shortly after that announcement, the present… Continue reading On Real Life, and What Happens when Pandemic Strikes


A Green Striped House-dress

Hello lovelies! My, life has been a whirlwind round here of late. But I have managed to accomplish some sewing in the midst of everything, and, as you can see, have a fine new 1910s style house-dress to show for it. My Tailor-Husband and I found the cutest little spot to take pictures in for… Continue reading A Green Striped House-dress


My Vintage Holy Grail | 1930s Ski-Pants

Well, my dears, this is it: My Vintage Holy Grail. I haven't been so excited about finding a vintage clothing item since, well, since a long, long time. I present to you, my 1930s Ski Pants. Gabe and I were antiquing together before Christmas, and I wasn't really looking for anything to buy, but something… Continue reading My Vintage Holy Grail | 1930s Ski-Pants