September Snapshots

IMG_2215Phew! This month has been flying by! Is Autumn really here already? It certainly doesn’t feel like it, what with the almost 90° weather we have been having lately. Ah well, I suppose Indian Summer isn’t all that bad. The evening lighting is gorgeous, and the days are perfect for drying clothes on the line. Speaking of which, I have decided there is nothing quite so adorable, materially, as vintage baby clothes hanging up to dry on the laundry line.

Since I haven’t had quite enough time to gather my thoughts and resources for a post on Bodiced Petticoats yet, I thought I would share some snapshots from the past few weeks instead. Do keep an eye out for that post sometime soon! I have discovered some really neat things, and can’t wait to share them with you!IMG_2197IMG_2199IMG_2200

I love this little avenue of trees. I foresee a few photo-shoots taking place here in the future.IMG_2201IMG_2208IMG_2214

Gabe got out his chain maille armor the other week for some mending and altering. I helped a wee bit, though I must say that bending those metal rings with pliers was harder than it looked (I think I will leave the metal bending to the men, and stick with my knitting and sewing needles for crafting clothing).IMG_2187

Ah, my beloved Dirndl. This dress has received SO. MUCH. WEAR this summer. It currently is my only cotton day dress that I fit into. So it has been on constant rotation with different blouses practically every day of the week. I keep on waiting for it to cool down a little bit so I can wear my cooler weather dresses, but the Autumn weather is currently eluding me. I suppose freezing temperatures will come all too soon.IMG_2189

This is a little sneak peek of a special project I have been working on. Some new Brijee Patterns are in the works, but don’t expect anything before the New Year. This Mama is learning to prioritize her activities, and balance work and personal sewing, so patterns will come eventually, just not as soon as I want them to. But I can’t WAIT to share them with you when they are ready!IMG_2194IMG_2190

This shelf makes me happy. Does anyone else get a smile on their face from seeing a shelf full of sewing thread and books? It tells of projects to come, along with the reminders of completed works. And with that, I should leave you. A certain wool dress is calling my attention, and I want to get it finished by the time Autumn finally shows its face.

What have you been up to?

Is the weather Autumnal where you live?


Brigid E.

Author and Photographer: Brigid Everson

9 thoughts on “September Snapshots”

  1. Glad to hear you are doing well, albeit with slower progress.

    Teaching piano is my trade, and although I am single (with no prospects otherwise!), I was reading some articles today about what expecting moms do who teach piano. The big thing I got out of it was seasons of life. You can always get new students, but your baby will only be little so long so make family your priority. So while I look forward to hearing about your projects and new patterns, I understand your family must come first!


  2. The weather did turn autumnal a few weeks ago here in Louisiana.
    I have been trying to chip away at my project pile between helping my sister-in-law with her 11 month old.
    I’m so excited for you and Gabe! Having a baby is such a precious gift.


  3. I enjoyed seeing this update, Brigid! And those trees are soo pretty!
    Are you making your own vintage baby clothes, or did you buy them somewhere?


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