The First Dress of Autumn


Hello my dears! I am so excited to share my latest make with you all! I have been in desperate need of a new dress for Autumn, but I was struggling with what style to make that would fit me both during and after pregnancy. Before becoming pregnant, my style consisted of very fitted garments with defined waists, and those garments just didn’t transition well into pregnancy. What was I to do? I had the answer to my question after I saw Son de Flor‘s* latest collection, Autumn Linen. Their Button Down Dress convinced me I needed to go out on a limb and experiment with a new silhouette: The A-line dress.


So, I found some wool, that just so happened to be black, in my tailor husband’s stash; drafted a pattern (that took way too long to do. My brain decided it was tired of “maths” and almost refused to work that day), and sewed up my own version of Son de Flor’s design. I made a few personal tweaks, such as omitting the Peter Pan collar, and doing slightly gathered sleeve headings, but other than that the silhouette is as close as I could get it to my inspiration.


Fabric: Mood Fabrics | Buttons: Benno’s Buttons | Linen for hem and interfacing:


The sleeves button at the cuff, and the hem is faced with white linen. All of the seams are flat-felled, and the collar is bound with bias tape using the french fold method. The button placket down the front is interfaced with linen, and my belt (which still needs its buttons. Woops!) is also made from linen.


I must say I am quite pleased with how this dress turned out. Though I am wearing the style with a belt here, the dress doesn’t look too shabby without a belt**. I will need to make a few adjustments to the pattern next time I make it up, since the sleeves turned out a wee bit too long, and the neckline sits just a 1/2″ higher than I would like.


Trying to do a dramatic face, and failing miserably…


I am eager to see how well this silhouette transitions after the baby is born. Though I am still wearing my beloved “fitted waistline” I can move that waistline up or down with a belt, or omit it altogether, depending on my preference for the day, which makes this dress highly adjustable size-wise. I should try and remember to do another photo-shoot after the baby is born and style the dress differently for you all to see.

Have you sewn anything lately?

What do you think about the A-line dress silhouette?


Brigid E.

*one of my FAVORITE handmade clothing companies. Seriously, if I had the money I would buy my entire wardrobe from them.

**I should have taken a photo without the belt, because the dress really does have a beautiful drape to it.

Author: Brigid Everson | Photos: Gabriel Everson

15 thoughts on “The First Dress of Autumn”

  1. SUCH a pretty dress and pattern!! You look quite handsome in it, and I cannot wait to see how it looks after the baby is born… and I can’t wait to see the baby!! 😀

    Lots of love,

    Hadassah ❤


  2. It’s so elegant! And what a lovely place to take photos! Orchards are just wonderful in Autumn. 🙂 I love your necklace, too! It goes well with the dress; just simple enough to add the perfect touch while completing the outfit! Thanks for posting!
    ~ Megan Joy


  3. The dress is beautiful but I was spending more time looking at your boots – they are amazing. I’ve been looking to buy a pair like that for ages but couldn’t find any. Where did you get yours from? Thanks Xx


    1. Oh yes, my lovely Millicent Boots. 😀 I love them too! They are the Millicent boot from Miss L. Fire. I bought mine from Miss L. Fire two autumns ago I believe, so unfortunately they are no longer available on their website. You may be able to find them on ebay, or a secondary retailer though.


  4. Love the new look Brigid! It makes a great maternity style and I think will transition well after baby is born.
    I have been wanting to make a few wardrobe additions for the Fall and now you have added fuel to the fire ; P


  5. I adore that dress! I really like that style, but have struggled to find a way to make it that I like (I wear a-line dresses all the time, but I use cut-on sleeves, as I struggle to get set-in sleeves in woven fabric to feel right on my frame). This gives me confidence to work on some redrafting I’ve been putting off muslining. 🙂


  6. Hi Brigid,

    I have a question about using linen as interfacing rather than the iron-on kind.

    If using a commercial pattern, do you cut out a piece of linen directly from the pattern along the same grain? When you launder the garment, do you ever find there are troubles in the interfacing shifting or wrinkling?

    I would love to see a tutorial sometime on how to do all the finishing methods you mentioned in this post.

    This dress is beautiful and I wish you all the very best.



    1. Hello Georgina!
      Yes, I simply cut the interfacing along the same grain as the pattern, unless the part I am interfacing is cut on the bias, and I want the sturdiness of the straight of grain in the interfacing. I don’t have any trouble with the interfacing shifting or wrinkling because I catch-stitch it down along all the edges. I will try and remember to do a tutorial soon. Thank you for the suggestion!


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