Where have I been?


Yes, this little bundle is what has been keeping me away from this little blog for so long. My sweet son was born just about three months ago, and I have been adjusting to the wonderful life of being a Mommy ever since. I will not be sharing a ton of photos here of my little Buster (same goes for sharing his name on the world wide web), but if you ever wonder where on earth I am, and why I haven’t posted on the blog in a while, know that I am most likely tending to my sweet little man, and working on projects that I will share with you soon.

I don’t have any immediate plans for what I shall post next on this blog, but I do plan to blog again soon… perhaps with a sneak peak of the upcoming Brijee Patterns? How does that sound? Let me know what you would like to see me share about in the world of sewing. Tutorials? A tour of the Linden Lady pattern? More behind the scenes of what I am working on? I would love to hear!


Brigid E.

Photography & Author: Brigid Everson

11 thoughts on “Where have I been?”

  1. Ah, babies are such joyous miracles! They just seem to touch everyone’s life without even doing anything ; )
    i would love to see more historical sewing posts when you have the time. Mean-while I just hope you enjoy your little man all you can, as well as all the wonderful changes God is bringing to your life.


  2. Such a lovely photograph!
    You are so talented at making patterns/sewing; I would like to see some how-to posts or sewing tips. If you could find the time to post new patterns, now that would be fantastic! Wishing you and your family many blessings. πŸ™‚


  3. It’s wonderful to see a new post from you Brigid! I wish you all the very best as you adjust to being a mother.

    On your blog I would love to see more how to sewing posts and new patterns if you ever have the time.

    Blessings to you and your family


  4. What a beautiful baby πŸ™‚
    I just remembered an old post from you about your hope chcest. Do you have any plans on an update? IΒ΄m curious, was it helpful?
    Blessings ❀


    1. Hello Caroline!

      I don’t have any Hope Chest updates planned at the moment, but I will keep the idea in mind. My hope chest was indeed very helpful. There were so many things that I was glad I already had stored away that I didn’t have to think about buying or asking for in the hubub leading up to the wedding, and in the chaos of setting up house later.


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