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Behind The Scenes | New Patterns


Well my dears, the votes were practically tied on my last post as to whether I should post a techniques tutorial, or a sneak peek of the upcoming Brijee Patterns. I was planning to do a tutorial, but the fates have decided that you all get to see the behind the scenes at the latest BP photo-shoot instead.


Last year I made a deal with my sisters; in exchange for their help on the next patterns I will release, they would get the sample pieces to add to their wardrobe, consisting of two blouses and two skirts each. Of course I started this crazy plan while I was pregnant, so it didn’t finally come to full fruition until last week, when Gabe and I went down to my sisters’ to deliver the finished garments and do a photo-shoot for the new pattern covers.

I am not going to go into a ton of detail about the new patterns just yet (I want to save that for later), but I thought you would enjoy getting this little peak into the “behind the scenes” of the fun side of the work that goes into making a Brijee pattern.


Shoes make or break any outfit.


“I love your funny face…”
“I’m shooting you!”
“Tut tut, it looks like rain.”


We were busting up laughing half the time during this shoot. I should have written down some of what was said, because it was side-splitting hilarity.


And of course no photo-shoot that involves the Boyer Sisters can go properly without our little sidekick Angel.


“Ack! I’ve become a midget!” Oh the fun of a warped mirror. 😉


That is all for today. I hope you ladies are as excited about these upcoming patterns as I am after seeing this preview. I can’t promise anything certain with a release date and all, but I will be working hard to have these new patterns out in time for Summer.

What is your favorite look previewed here?

Are you a goofball or a serious gal when it comes to photography?

Happy sewing!

Brigid E.

Author: Brigid Everson | Photography: Brigid Everson | Photo editing: Gabriel Everson


7 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes | New Patterns”

  1. Love those photos. I like the photo of Jessica with braids.She looks like she is wishing upon a star. Actually I like all of the fun photos. I am a serious woman in photos.


  2. Really enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look…I can just imagine the hilarity! It would be like when my sisters and I get goofy…

    I really Jess’s first look best, I think. Nice clean lines. 🙂 (And cute shoes!)


  3. Oh my goodness, that looks like some crazy fun!!
    My favorite preview look would have to be the one captioned “Tut, tut, looks like rain” it is so sophisticated. And I love, LOVE those HUGE pockets on the other skirts!!!! I am a major pocket fanatic : D
    Even though I was in the other camp this post has me quite excited. Can’t wait to hear more details ; )


  4. Was, they are all so beautiful!!!!! I think my favorite would be the one Jessica is wearing: blue/teal skirt w/ white blouse…. I would DEFINITELY wear that!


  5. I am so excited about these new patterns! Thanks for the sneak peek 🙂 I have some classic southern seersucker sitting in my stash just begging to be made into the next Brijee pattern. You can betcha I am saving it for the release!


  6. It’s so nice to see the Boyer Sisters all together! You girls look great.
    Jessicas print v neck blouse and off white skirt is probably my favorite outfit.
    Blessings, Celia


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