Brijee’s New Shopping Method


Hello my dears! As you can tell I have made a few updates to the Brijee blog. Not only is the theme different, but the shopping method has been changed to make your experience smoother and more efficient. I thought I would take you on a short tour today of how our new shop works.

First of all, let’s head to the Patterns Shop page.


Now scroll down to the Linden Lady.

The shop looks a bit empty right now, but have no fear, there will be the two new patterns previewed at the top of the page “filling the shelves” this Saturday.


Click on the Linden Lady to be taken to the product page.

The new “grid” format of the shop looks clunky with only one pattern, but it will allow multiple patterns to be displayed on the same page once new patterns are released.


Add the Linden Lady to your cart.

This is the bit I am excited about. As you will see, we now have a sa-weet looking checkout page. But it gets even better from here.


5. Pay with your preferred method.

Paypal, credit card via Paypal’s checkout, either one works. But when you complete your purchase (this is the best bit)…


Ta-da! You get taken to the download page to instantly download your pattern! I am SO stoked about this. If you have purchased a pattern from me before, you will know that I have tried a few different delivery methods before settling on the new system in place now. You even will get an email with a link containing your order# with a link to download the pattern, in case something went wrong with getting to the download page in the first place.

Very efficient. The best part? Purchases can still take place smoothly, and patterns will be delivered, even if I am on vacation! Woohoo! Win-win for everyone considered.


And, that’s it! Now there will be no more waiting for me to email you your pattern. You have it instantly at your fingertips to print when you want.

My parting tip is to download the pattern right away, as you only have 72 hours in which your download link will work, and I don’t want you getting past that time and not having your pattern. IF that does ever happen to you, please get in contact with me, and I will fix the situation as soon as possible.

I hope you are all looking forward to the release of the two new patterns this Saturday! It’s going to be fantastic! Two new patterns, a discount code, giveaways… yep, we are going to have a proper party on the blog next week. See you there!


Brigid E.

Author & Graphic Design: Brigid Everson

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