B-Day Bash | Brooks Blouse Inspiration


Hello my dears! On Monday we talked about some ideas on fabric and design details for the Casey Skirt Pattern. Today, I am going to highlight the Brooks Blouse Pattern, and talk about some of the fun options for fabric and design choices that you can use to make your own unique blouse.

Clockwise from Top Left: 40s/50s Rayon Blouse with cut-out details from True Value Vintage | Vintage Blouse with Lace Yoke | 1950s Pleated Nylon Blouse from AnnieOHVintage

The Brooks Blouse is a veritable canvas for embroidery, cut-outs, lace insertion, and even lace yokes, all of which are shown here. If you intend to use an heirloom weight linen or silk for your blouse, consider adding some lace insertion or embroidery to take it that one step further in quality.

From left: Anthropologie Petani Pocket Tee | Vintage 1940s Pattern | Grace Kelly for Harper’s Bazaar, 1956

You can have all sorts of fun with fabric choices for the Brooks Blouse Pattern. Stripes and florals would look gorgeous, whether you choose a silk charmeuse, a knit, or a cotton voile. You could even do a pattern hack to create the look Grace Kelly is wearing on the right, and cut the sleeves and upper bodice out of lace or net.

Now that we have a bit of inspiration up our sleeve, let’s have a look at a few collages I have put together on specific looks for the Brooks Blouse.


One of my favorite fabrics to use for the Brooks Blouse is an Organic Cotton Knit. Since the Brooks Blouse takes so little fabric (especially View 1), it provides a great opportunity to use a high quality knit without breaking the bank. I highly, highly recommend using a good quality organic cotton knit. A good quality knit like the Birch Organics Interlock shown here will not warp and wiggle when you sew it, and won’t stretch out of shape as quickly as a thin, poor quality knit would. So spend the extra few dollars to get a high quality fabric. You won’t regret it.


I love the options for stripe play that the Brooks Blouse gives. Take this Anthropologie Top as an example for what you could do with stripes. I could just imagine View 3 of the pattern made up using the V-neck from View 1 in this bias striped silk charmeuse, couldn’t you? Gorgeous!


Lawn… such a perfect material for Spring and Summer. Liberty Fabrics is world-famous for their gorgeously printed lawns, so I thought it would be fitting to showcase one of their fabrics here. As I said about the cotton knit, when you work with a high-quality fabric, it is much more likely to behave and last much longer than a low-quality fabric. Of course, high quality, beautiful fabrics don’t have to break the bank. Take a look at our next example.


I love the idea of making the sleeves and upper bodice of the Brooks Blouse Pattern in a net or lace. This Shoshana Crochet Lace & Michael Miller Cotton Couture Broadcloth would be perfect paired together, and since you would only need about 1/2 a yard of the lace, $20 a yard becomes much more reasonable.


This Anthropologie Tee has perfectly contrasted two gorgeous fabrics. You can achieve a similar look using the neckline from View 3 of the Brooks Blouse, and the sleeves from View 1. Use a striped rayon or silk (like the Crepe de Chine shown here from Mood Fabrics) for the body of the blouse, and cut the facings out of contrasting material like this Leopard Printed Charmeuse. Instead of turning the facings to the inside as usual, stitch them so that they will turn to the right side, and finish them with top-stitching all around the edges.

The Brooks Blouse would look beautiful made up in any lighter weight material that is not too stiff. Try a shirting for View 3, or a wool knit for View 2. Lawn, Voile, or Dotted Swiss are all obvious choices as well. For more ideas on fabric choices, you can check out the Fabric and Notions requirements in the Brooks Blouse Pattern.

Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s Casey Skirt Giveaway, and check back here tomorrow for a Brooks Blouse giveaway. Also, when making any pattern purchases this week, use the code BDAYBASH at checkout for 21% off your total purchase. This coupon only lasts until the end of this week, so use it while you can!

For more inspiration for your Brooks Blouse, check out my Pinterest Board on the subject.

I love to see your versions of our patterns on Social Media! Tag me @BrijeePatterns on both Instagram and Facebook, as well as using the hashtags #brijeepatterns, #caseyskirt, #lindenladypattern, or #brooksblouse


Brigid E.

Author & Graphic Design: Brigid Everson | Brooks Blouse Photography: Charlotte Boyer | Additional Photography credits can be found on the Brooks Blouse Inspiration Board.

2 thoughts on “B-Day Bash | Brooks Blouse Inspiration”

  1. Such a stunning array of inspirations! I love the lace yokes and for me Grace Kelly takes the cake. Also the idea to section off the pattern pieces to get different grain affects blew me away!
    I may not be pulling out another blouse pattern for a while ; )


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