B-Day Bash |Print Your Size Tutorial


Hello my dears! I hope you all have been enjoying the giveaways and pattern featurettes this week. As promised, today I am going to take you all on a quick tour of how you can take advantage of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’s* Layer feature to print only your size when you are printing out either the Casey Skirt or the Brooks Blouse (the Linden Lady does not have this feature… yet).**


1. First, let’s open up your Pattern PDF. When you first open it up, you should see three icons on the left-hand sidebar. Select the bottom one, which will open up the “layers” toolbar.


2. Here we have the Layers toolbar all opened up. As you can see, there are 11 layers: 10 sizes, and one “Pockets Etc.” layer. Each layer has a little eye icon next to it. This shows the layer’s visibility.


3. Now, to see the Layer Visibility function at work, let’s scroll down to a page where we can see a pattern piece with all of the sizes currently visible. In the Casey Skirt, this would be page 8. Note that at this point, all of the size layers have the eye icons still showing next to them. That means that all the sizes are visible.


4. Select your size that you will be printing by deselecting every size, but yours, by clicking on the eye icon next to each layer. In this example, I want to print size 10. So I click on every eye icon next to all of the other layers, except the Pockets Etc. layer (I will explain about this a little later). Now you can see that I only have one size (size 10) displayed on the screen.


5. Now, let’s say that I need to print size 10 and size 12. Easy! Just click on the eye icon next to the size 12 layer again, and voila! You have both size 10 and size 12 visible! Now we can proceed to printing our pattern.


6. First, double check that the eye is still showing next to the “Pockets Etc.” layer. Whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT! turn off the “Pockets Etc.” layer!! This won’t just turn off the pockets, this will also turn off all of the pattern piece labels, the printing grid, and other necessary pattern markings. So, DON’T do it! Just leave it alone. Leave the eye showing next to it, and everything will be fine.


7. Alright, now we can print our pattern. Open up your Printer dialog, and make sure that the scale is set to 100%.


8. I have found that sometimes my pattern will still print out weird if I haven’t double checked the “Poster” tab. If your Printer has a Poster function, make sure that the Tile Scale is also set to 100%, and there is NO overlap.

That’s it! Your pattern is ready to print with your individual size on it. No more confusing multiple lines, notches, etc. to get your head all muddled. Simple, straightforward, singular lines. Ahh… Sweet simplicity!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! If you haven’t bought your copy of the Brooks Blouse or Casey Skirt, be sure and do so today! Use the coupon code BDAYBASH during checkout to get 21% off your total pattern purchase. But be quick! This coupon only lasts until July 29th.

Any questions about the new patterns?


Brigid E.

*In case any of you were feeling downhearted when you first looked up Adobe Acrobat, thinking you had to pay in order to access this feature, have no fear! Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is FREE, and you can still access the layers feature! Hooray!

** I am in no way affiliated with Adobe, nor will I get any compensation from you using their products. I just really like their functionality, and want to share it with you all.

Author & Graphic Design: Brigid Everson | Screenshots of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. All design thereof is copyright of Adobe, and does not belong to me.

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