Casey Skirt Sew-Along | Schedule


Hello my dears!

I am so sorry I failed to get this post up last week. Health, travel, and life in general required me to put the blog on the back-burner for a moment. But, I am here, at last, with the schedule for the Casey Skirt Sew-along. Starting next week, I will be covering everything from picking your size, to pattern hacks and alterations, all the way up to putting the finishing touches on your skirt.

Here’s the scoop:

I can’t promise that I will get each post up on the day listed, but I will at least get each post up on the week of the day attached to each post. Also, all of the posts will get linked back here as they get posted, so if you are looking at this at some point in the future, after the sew-along has ended, just click on each of the dates listed above to be taken to the post.

If you will be joining the sew-along, and plan on sharing your progress on social media, PLEASE tag me @brijeepatterns on Instagram or Facebook, and use the hashtag #caseyskirtsa

So, before I go dashing off, I have a few questions for you…

Will you be joining the sew-along?

Are there any particular points about the Casey Skirt’s construction you would like me to highlight?


Brigid E.

8/9/2018-P.S. The giveaway winners have been announced over on the original giveaway posts. Congratulations to the winners!

Author & Graphic Design: Brigid Everson | Photography: Charlotte Boyer

3 thoughts on “Casey Skirt Sew-Along | Schedule”

  1. I can’t say I’ll be joining the sew along, but I’m loving the skirt I made in testing and I fully intend to make atleast a second if not a third! Will your pockets post also give instructions for an inseam pocket hack on V1?


  2. I’d love to join the sew-along, but I don’t know if I can fit that in.

    I’d be curious to know

    ~how you would recommend doing the back/inside facing side of bound button holes on this skirt (the test was my first time doing these period)
    ~how you would recommend shortening/lengthening the skirt
    ~how to adjust the waistband or change the waist band to a curved/yoke style
    ~how to add more fullness in the back without changing waist size; what I think I will try is using the 8 front and 8 waistband and the 10 or even 12 back and adding darts, but I am not sure how darts will work with the pleat


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