Casey Skirt Sew-Along | Lengthening the Skirt

Casey Skirt Sew-Along, Lengthening the Skirt Pattern, Casey Skirt Pattern

Hello my dears!

I am rather pleased to be bringing you today’s tutorial in the Casey Skirt Sew-Along, all about lengthening the pattern. Whether you want to make a maxi length version like I did for my fabulous sister, or just add a few inches to suit your taste, this alteration is extremely easy to make. Let’s begin, shall we?

Pattern Alteration, Casey Skirt

First, measure your finished skirt length from the seam-line to the hem line. On the size 4, my example size for today, this is 29-7/8″. The hem allowance is 3″. The sum total of these two numbers is 32-7/8″. Since we want to leave our hem allowance, we will be adding any desired additional length on top of this total number.

Pattern Alteration, Casey Skirt

I want my skirt to be approximately 35″ long, finished length. That means I need to add 6″ to my skirt pattern. I will add this 6″, not from the finished length line, but from the hemline, making my pattern length total 38-7/8″. For you math folks, this can be broken down into the following formula: original length+hem allowance+added length=New TOTAL Pattern Length (29-7/8″+3″+6″=38-7/8″).

Pattern Alteration, Casey Skirt

So, now we simply add the length we need. Starting from the Center Front, plot a few points 6″ (or your desired length) down from the hem-line, making sure your side seam point is in line with the Side Seam, and your center front is in line with the Center Front of the pattern. Connect the dots in a curve similar to the original pattern.

Pattern Alteration, Casey Skirt

Repeat the process we used on the Front for the Back pattern piece.

Pattern Alteration, Casey Skirt

Now, draw lines from your Center Front and Back and Side Seam dots up to the Center Front, Back and Side Seams of the pattern, and voila!

Pattern Alteration, Casey Skirt

You have a custom-length Casey Skirt pattern! Well done!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I will be back tomorrow with a bonus tutorial! Any guesses as to what it is? I’ll give you a hint: It’s the skirt equivalent of an FBA. 😉

Are you going to try out a Maxi version of the Casey Skirt?

What is your ideal skirt length? Maxi? Tea? Below-the-Knee?


Brigid E.

Author & Graphic Design: Brigid Everson | Photography: Charlotte Boyer

2 thoughts on “Casey Skirt Sew-Along | Lengthening the Skirt”

  1. If I were not already swamped with projects, I would be making a casey skirt right now!
    I love maxi length, it is my favorite silhouette. And my sister prefers tea Which is why I’m SO excited the casey skirt looks great in all lengths : D


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