Casey Skirt Sew-Along | In-seam Pockets (+ FREE pocket pattern)


Hello my dears! I am back with a bonus tutorial in the Casey Skirt Sew-Along. Today we are going to add in-seam pockets to View 1 of the Casey Skirt.

First, you will want to download the FREE pattern by clicking the link below:

FREE Bonus Pocket Pattern


Once you have your pattern printed out, cut it out of your material, making sure to mark your notch.


Using a disappearing marker (I didn’t because this is a tutorial), mark your seam allowance corners on each pocket piece.


Because the Casey Skirt pattern wasn’t designed to have an inseam pocket, we also have to add markings to the original pattern so we can match up our pockets correctly. Using the hip-notch as a pivot point, make marks where the corners of the pockets will line up. Mark these same dots on your skirt pieces.


Matching dots and notches, pin your pocket pieces to your Skirt Front and Skirt Back, right sides together.



Stitch between the dots.


Go ahead and finish your pocket seam edge, but be sure not to stitch past the dot.


Fold your pocket pieces up and out of the way in preparation for stitching the rest of the side seam.


Pin the Skirt Front to the Skirt Back, right sides together. Stitch, starting at the hem, and stopping at the pocket dot. Stitch again, this time starting at the top pocket dot and ending at the skirt waistline edge.


Press the seam open.


Pin your pocket pieces together.


Stitch, starting at one pocket dot, and ending at the other. Finish your pocket edges with a zig-zag or a hand whip-stitch.






Press your pockets toward the Skirt Front.


There you have it! A super simple, inseam pocket that you can add to your Casey Skirt.

Which would you rather make, View 1, or View 2 of the Casey Skirt?


Brigid E.

Author, Graphic Design, Photography: Brigid Everson

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