Casey Skirt Sew-Along |Interfacing & Attaching the Waistband


Hello my dears! I am sure you are either getting tired of the Brijee blog being entirely devoted to a sew-along, or you are excited to finish the final steps on your Casey Skirt. Either way, good news: We are almost finished with the sew-along! This is the third to last post, and then things will be back to normal. With that said, let’s take a look at interfacing that waistband, shall we?


To start, fold your waistband in half along the fold line, and then fold in all of the seam allowances. Using this modified pattern, cut out your waistband interfacing.


Place your interfacing piece so the top edge is in line with the fold-line of your waistband, and the other edges are 5/8″ away from the cut edges. If you are using fusible interfacing, you can now fuse your interfacing to your waistband, and skip to applying the waistband to the rest of the skirt.

I really like to use woven interfacing (usually a canvas weight linen) for interfacing, but this requires a special treatment to keep it in place in your waistband: Catch-stitching.


To catch-stitch your woven interfacing to your waistband, start at the left hand upper corner. Insert your needle and secure your thread in the interfacing only, about 1/4″ away from the interfacing edge.


Directly above this, take a tiny backstitch (about 2-3 threads) in your waistband material.


About 1/4″ over to the right take another back-stitch in the interfacing only, level with where your thread originates from.


And make another back-stitch in the waistband 1/4″ over to the right.


Continue doing this stitch all around the waistband interfacing until it is all secured. Voila! An interfaced waistband!


Pin the waistband to the skirt, right sides together, matching the left hand side seam allowance to the zipper edge, and the right hand side dot to the zipper edge. Stitch the waistband to the skirt, back-tacking at both ends.


Fold your waistband in half. Now we are going to stitch together the ends. At the under-lap (or right hand) side of the waistband, pin the waistband together up to where your previous stitching ends. Stitch, starting at the fold, pivoting at the corner, and stitching up to where the stitches joining the skirt and the waistband end.


Pin together the over-lap (or left hand) side of the waistband as well. Stitch from the fold down to the stitching attaching the waistband to the skirt, being sure to back-tack.


Trim down the seam allowances of both ends to 1/4″, but leave the waistband long seam allowance alone.


Press the waistband seam allowance up into the waistband.


Also press up one side of the under-lap seam allowance towards the interfacing side of the waistband.


And press up the other side of the seam allowance up towards the non-interfaced side of the waistband.


Press the short seam allowance towards the waistband.


Turn the waistband right side out and press along the fold, turning the free seam allowance to the inside 5/8″.


Since we have been doing top-stitching on all the rest of our skirt, we can skip the possibility of hand work here and simply pin…


and machine baste the underside of the waistband in place.


Top-stitch 1/8″ away from the edges all the way around the waistband. Remove the basting, and you have a beautifully finished waistband.

Hey! Guess what? Your Casey Skirt is almost complete! Now all we have left is the hem and some buttonholes, and we are done! YAY! Be sure to stop by next week for the last post in the official sew-along, and the week after that for pictures of my finished Casey Skirt.

Have you enjoyed this sew-along?

Or would you rather not see anymore sew-alongs on the blog in the near future?


Brigid E.

Author, Photography & Graphic Design: Brigid Everson

5 thoughts on “Casey Skirt Sew-Along |Interfacing & Attaching the Waistband”

  1. I’ve enjoyed this, I couldn’t join in quite yet, but I have my fabric for one or two more skirts, but I think I want to make a mock-up using your instructions and a few adjustments of my own. I will definitely be referencing this post. And I love sew-alongs.


  2. Even though I have not had time to participate in making my own Casey skirt, I have enjoyed the sew-along very much! Thanks for taking the time to explain the littlest details, it has been very interesting : D


  3. Hi! I am learning A LOT from your sew along! I am not sewing along, but I do enjoy sewing and seeing your pictures along with your explanations (especially this waistband post showing the pinning and interfacing) are really helpful and have answered some things I had always wondered about in the past while sewing. So, to answer your question, if you had a sew along in the future again, I would definitely read your posts! šŸ™‚


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