What Do You Do When Your Clothes Don’t Fit?

So, here I am, no photos, nothing creative to show, but I’m here nonetheless. Believe me, I have been creative! Aside from cooking meals every day and watching after my lovable toddler, I have been scrambling to get time to sew and work on a new Brijee Pattern. But I have a problem. In many ways my clothes don’t fit me anymore, so having the motivation to sew something that doesn’t “fit” me is rather tough. Especially when I want to be working on other things that feel more pressing. Because when your clothes don’t fit, life gets uncomfortable. I sometimes feel like I should just give all of this up. No one really cares, do they, if Brijee Patterns stays around or not?

I just don’t feel like my aesthetic fits with my original vision for Brijee Patterns. When I started this little pattern line, I was different. I was a teenager with, I will admit, somewhat unrealistic expectations of the world and fashion. I still have unrealistic expectations of the world and my clothes, but those expectations are different. My aesthetics are morphing. And I feel like people still expect the aesthetics of the teenage version of me. I still LOVE high waistbands and fitted clothes. But the one time I loathe the fact that I have such an undying love for fitted clothes that are old fashioned, things that you can rarely find in today’s market, is when my measurements change and my clothes cease to fit.

Why do my clothes not fit? Well… I suppose this is a strange way to introduce it, but my dear Tailor Husband and I are expecting a new bundle of joy, late next Spring! I am SO, so excited and overjoyed!! Adding a new little one to our family tree is such a blessing and honor. Motherhood is a calling I hold sacred and dear. But I feel sad that this little blog and business over here are getting neglected. Just finding the energy to work on the behind the scenes pattern work of Brijee Patterns takes enough out of my time, so blogging gets put on the back burner. I don’t even have the time to grow this business as I would like. Any energy and “hustle” I have I want to be pouring into my family, not staring at my computer ignoring the precious moments with my fast-growing toddler, and each day as this new baby grows inside me. They say that the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot. Well, this seamstress’ children only have two pieces of clothing that I have made for them! TWO! I want to have the time to sew for my family! For my children! For myself. For my friends. And I don’t have the time anymore.

It feels so hard to say this, especially only just over a year after starting this blog, but I think I need to step back from this blog, from this business. I’m crying over here as I contemplate setting aside this little dream of mine. But I’m not setting it aside for nothing! No! I’m setting it aside to focus on the biggest, most amazing dream of my life, and that is the life I am living, the family I am raising, the calling that God has placed first in my life after serving Him with everything I do.

So, I bid you all farewell for now. I will miss writing and creating for you all. But I don’t think I will miss it as much as I will miss the fleeting moments that I have with my loving family if I don’t make this decision to leave the blogging and business world for now. I may be back. Who knows? But I believe that God is calling me to step away for now. See you in the outside world.

Brijee Patterns will still be for sale, have no fear, and this site is not going to disappear; but I will not be blogging until, well, until you see me here again.

Blessings and Farewell for now,

Brigid Everson

13 thoughts on “What Do You Do When Your Clothes Don’t Fit?”

  1. Good for you; don’t you feel guilty for one second. My youngest just turned 12. You can always come back to blogging. Your babies will only be young once. Loved reading about your creations. Take care!


  2. Jesus bless you Brigid! How exciting to be a wife and mother, and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! You’re such a sweet woman. All the best to you and your family πŸ™‚


  3. Congratulations! It’s completely normal to have aethetics, goals, and time demands ebb and flow. That’s part of what makes us interesting! I have so loved your blog and welcome any posts you may write in the future. That’s not intended to be pressure—enjoy every season!—but rather to let you know that you aren’t bound by people’s expectations to remain the same. Thanks for putting beauty and care out into the world πŸ™‚


  4. Here’s my two cents, Brigid…go raise your family! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Congratulations on Baby #2 and blessings on your and the Tailor’s efforts to raise your children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord! ❀


  5. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you and Gabe. I will miss your blog posts, but I know you are going to be absent for a noble cause. I admire you for putting aside your dream to serve your family. Keep up the good work and enjoy your growing family!


  6. Well, congratulations! You’re being very brave , saying goodbye (at least for now) to a good thing because you chose something even better. Don’t feel bad about it, please.
    The best wishes to you and your family,


  7. Congratulations Brigid! While I will miss your posts, I totally understand you wanting to have time for your family, your children won’t be little forever!
    God bless you, and your family. πŸ™‚


  8. I truly hope you will blog again soon. And keep up your business, letting it change alongside yourself and your growing family. Good, well fitting and versatile children clothes are just as important as comfortable clothes for mothers and fathers and those late teen clothes you once did. They all have their place in life. Right now, I hope, you are playing around with patterns and fabrics – sewing clothes for your children and one day showing them off to those needing good patterns.


  9. Oh dear, Brigid..
    Number one, I’m SO happy for you and Gabe with your second little person on the way and will be praying as you go through yet another major change in your life!
    You know that all your followers here will definitely understand and more than likely applaud and respect your decision to at least take some time of of this avenue you love. I know I do ❀ This season of our lives seems to bring so many changes of which many times we have to decide what really matters to us THE MOST and not a person in this world could fault you for the choice you've made concerning this. ❀

    Funny, I was just chatting with Caleb yesterday about our blogging world we once knew and held so close. He wondered if that community was still around and if blogging specifically was as used as it used to be. I said that since the uprising of social media, I think people find it as a new avenue to express what blogging used to share. At least in a smaller form. Perhaps this would be a good option for you for the time being?– To share there where things are less extensive but still be able to connect with friends who like to see what you're working on?

    Many many blessings,
    Cassie Shashaguay


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