A Brown 1910s Skirt

Hello lovelies! It's been a busy, cold winter so far. One in which I've been thankful to have made this brown wool skirt that I am going to show you today. Back at the beginning of Autumn, I was perusing the Sears Catalog archives on for some inspiration (sadly you can't access them for… Continue reading A Brown 1910s Skirt


Brijee | The Next Phase

  Hello lovelies! Today, I have some big news to tell you, and an even bigger favor to ask of you. After dreaming about it for years, I am branching out into my first line of made-to-order garments! But I need your help to do it! I will be starting out my clothing line with… Continue reading Brijee | The Next Phase


My Vintage Holy Grail | 1930s Ski-Pants

Well, my dears, this is it: My Vintage Holy Grail. I haven't been so excited about finding a vintage clothing item since, well, since a long, long time. I present to you, my 1930s Ski Pants. Gabe and I were antiquing together before Christmas, and I wasn't really looking for anything to buy, but something… Continue reading My Vintage Holy Grail | 1930s Ski-Pants