Historical Sewing: My First Stays

Hello dears! Today I have a newly finished project to share with you. Gabe and I are going to be participating in several French and Indian War reenactments this Summer, and thus I have been in desperate need of new stays for this year. So, back in January I came up with this ridiculous idea… Continue reading Historical Sewing: My First Stays


A Linen 1930s Easter Dress

I did it! I made myself a new dress! Every time I actually accomplish that in the little spare time that I have these days, I feel utterly satisfied and pleased with myself. Juggling a small pattern "business" ("come on, one pattern for sale does not a business make!" I know, I know... two new… Continue reading A Linen 1930s Easter Dress


From the Boyer Sisters Archives | How To: Flex-sleeve Adjustment

Hello dearies! I haven't had much time to create new material for the Brijee blog, though I have had plenty of ideas just waiting for pictures in order to be posted. So, I thought I would start pulling some of my favorite old posts from The Boyer Sisters blog that I used to share with… Continue reading From the Boyer Sisters Archives | How To: Flex-sleeve Adjustment