Three 1790s Dresses | Or, the Perfect Maternity Wardrobe

I am blown away by your response to my post a few weeks ago. It is comforting to know that there are some people out there who still read this little blog of mine. I have had the pictures for this post waiting in the wings for months. I am so happy to finally be… Continue reading Three 1790s Dresses | Or, the Perfect Maternity Wardrobe


Can You Hear Me?

From May of this year, before our little Honey Bunny joined us. Is anyone still out there? Does anyone come back to check up on this blog to see if I've returned? Well... I'm back! My life has taken several interesting twists and turns since last I sat down to write to you all; some… Continue reading Can You Hear Me?


Historical Sewing: My First Stays

Hello dears! Today I have a newly finished project to share with you. Gabe and I are going to be participating in several French and Indian War reenactments this Summer, and thus I have been in desperate need of new stays for this year. So, back in January I came up with this ridiculous idea… Continue reading Historical Sewing: My First Stays